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Hi and welcome to my website which I hope you will find useful and inspiring. I have many roles in life: teacher, mother, sister, daughter and many others to boot and the role I adopt changes as I go through my daily life. Primarily however, I see myself as someone whose purpose is to help others through my words, actions and deeds. I am a writer and work part-time as a teacher of performing arts and film studies and am interested in all creative things and well, to be honest, just enjoying life to the full. I have been coloring since I was a child and love the peace and serenity that it now brings to my adult life. I watch my children color and marvel at their creativity and invention.



I live in the beautiful Surrey Hills in the UK and have the privilege to be close to some stunning scenery, which inspires me every day. I have two beautiful children whom I have fostered since 2012 before becoming their official guardian, so they are officially with me forever now. This area of my life has taught me lots about people too, their hopes and fears and how we can always improve our lives if we choose to. Little steps forward every day has meant that we have built a strong, loving family and overcome many obstacles along the way, with love.


I want this site to become a go-to site for anyone who wants some great activities for their children or who wants to grow through the hobby of coloring – a place for information, tips, advice, motivation and networking. I know this will take time and it will constantly be evolving into something bigger and better but that’s half the fun. I hope you enjoy looking around and find it a useful place to visit. Please come back as often as you like!

If you ever need a hand or have any questions, feel free to leave them below and I will be more than happy to help you out.

All the best,


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